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Why Redux? Why Immer?

You either hate or love Redux. I’m definitely a person who loves Redux but let’s be honest — using it in every project is unnecessary. If you’re just making a prototype or a small app — it’s better to use hooks and state.

Although, from my experience, every product which becomes commercial — grows. And new features mean a bigger state to manage. It’s better to design app architecture having in mind that you will eventually have a big state. For example, our main React app has more than 90k lines of code, uses API calls, WebSockets and state has…

Django is a really powerful framework for web apps. We create apps to attract users and make them coming back to our app. With users and database — probably you will end up with a decision — how to store your images.

Now, having said that, if you are a freelance developer, python enthusiast/hobbyist or simply your app is just at the very beginning of lifecycle — you will face server/DB storage issues.

Providers which support Django usually offer very limited storage. Heroku, for example, won’t let you store uploaded images. After reload/update all images will be gone.

We could…

Jacek Szczerbiński

Mechanical engineer / manager / full stack software developer

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